Test Center Laboratory was Founded in 2001, The laboratory is located at 8001 Xiang’an West Road, Torch High-tech Zone (Xiang’an) Industrial Zone, Xiamen, Fujian P.R.China, and occupies an area of 2300 square meters / 24,000 square feet. It is equipped with more than a dozen specific function and focus professional laboratories and more than 300 sets of specialized testing equipment. It has the lightning current impulse test system (240 kA) for the largest current impulse test in Fujian Province, and has International advanced testing equipment, such as: Constant temperature and humidity test chamber, Rapid temperature change test chamber, Thermal shock test chamber (WEISS TECHNIK / Germany), Test oven (MEMMERT / Germany), Thermal shock test chamber (HITACHI / Japan), Polarization energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer (SPECTRO / Germany), Routine fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) spectrometer (BRUKER / Germany), Electronic universal test equipment (SHIMADZU / Japan), Simultaneous thermal analyzer (NETZSCH / Germany), Optical digital ultra-depth of field microscope (OLYMPUS / Japan), Ultra-high-speed intelligent particle size analyzer (MALVERN PANALYTICAL / UK), Automatic turret micro hardness tester (BOWMAN / USA), etc.

The testing focus of the laboratory covers material analysis class, temperature test class, environmental test class, electrical test class, lightning current test class, with more than 600 testing items, and has the testing capabilities of IEC international standards, EN European standards, UL standards, and national and industry standards. Test items include Marking test, Tensile test, Thrust test, Creepage distances and clearances, Dielectric strength, Insulation resistance, Holding temperature, Functioning temperature, Maximum temperature limit, Ageing, Varistor voltage, Leakage current, Voltage proof, Clamping voltage, Maximum peak current, Rated average dissipation power, Pulse current, Maximum continuous operating voltage, Determine the voltage protection level, Measured limiting voltage, Operating duty test, Combination pulse, Thermal stability, Thermal trip test, Interrupting current, Transient overload current, Short-circuit current be haviour tests, TOVs caused by faults in the low voltage system, TOVs caused by faults in the high(medium)voltage system, Rapid change of temperature, Thermal shock test, Temperature and humidity  cycle conditioning, Dry heat test, Damp heat cyclic test, Cold test , Damp heat steady stage, Salt mist test, Vibration test, Free fall test, Free fall repeated, Endurance at upper category temperature, Fire hazard, Ball pressure test, Tracking resistance, Glow wire test, Needle-flame test, etc.

The laboratory has obtained the qualification of UL under Witnessed Test Data Program (UL 1449, UL 1434), and the accreditation qualification by TUV Rheinland (IEC/EN 60691, IEC/EN 61051-1, IEC/EN 61051-2, IEC/EN 62368-1, IEC/EN 61643-11, IEC/EN 61643-21, IEC/EN 61643-31, IEC/EN 62319-1, IEC/EN 62319-1-1, IEC/ EN 60539-1), the product has been tested in the laboratory and obtained CCC, UL, cUL, VDE, TUV, PSE, KC Agency approvals.

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Testing Services

Service Object: Only for our customers.

Our Testing Center (Laboratory) combine unique testing capabilities with expert consultation. we are not biased toward a particular technology and answer questions impartially to identify the right solution for each application.

Our testing capabilities include:

Damp Heat, Steady State

Damp Heat Test

Temperature And Humidity Cycle Conditioning

High Temperature And Humidity Endurance


Dry Heat

High Temperature Limit Test

Long-Term High Temperature Test

High Temperature Reverse Aging


Low Temperature Limit Test

Accelerated Dry Heat Endurance

Accelerated Damp Heat, Steady State Endurance

Damp Heat, Cyclic

Rapid Change Of Temperature With Prescribed Time Of Transfer

Temperature Shock

High And Low Temperature Impact Test

Temperature Cycle Test

Thermal Shock

Long-Term High And Low Temperature Cycle Test

Accelerated Temperature Shock Test

Change Of Temperature With Specified Rate Of Change

High And Low Temperature Cycle Test

Accelerated Moisture Resistance – Unbiased Autoclave

Salt Mist

Salt Mist, Cyclic


Vibration, Sinusoidal

Vibration, Broadband Random

Packaging Vibration

Packaging Free Fall Repeated

Free Fall

Free Fall Repeated

Pendulum Impact Test

Mechanical Strength

Maximum Continuous Operating Voltage Test

Upper Category Temperature Durability

Standard Aging

Long-Term Aging

Load Aging

Temperature Life Test

Holding Temperature

Long-Term High Temperature Load Test

Temperature Limit Test

Maximum Temperature Limit

Temperature-Time Characteristics

Response Rate

Temperature Sensitive Speed

Rated Functioning Temperature

Load Rated Functioning Temperature

Load Temperature Sensitive Speed

Conductive Heat Ageing Test

Extended Holding Temperature Conditioning Test

Current Shock

Pulse Current

Measured Limiting Voltage

Rated Energy

Single Pulse Peak Current

Multiple Pulse Peak Current

Maximum Peak Current

Determine The Voltage Protection Level

Clamping Voltage

Voltage Protection Level

Operating Duty Test

Grade Limit Voltage Test

Ignition Voltage

Front-Of-Wave Sparkover Voltage

High Temperature Lightning

Surge Test

Machine Surge

Fusing Time Characteristics

Current Time Characteristics

Surface Temperature Test

Overload Characteristic Test

Transient Overload Current

Limited Current

Thermal Stability

Thermal Trip Test

Disconnect Current

Electric Strength

Dielectric Withstand

Withstand Voltage

Insulation Resistance

Internal Resistance

Impulse Breakdown Voltage

AC Discharge Current

Glow-Wire Flammability Test

X-RAY Fluoroscopy Inspection



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